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Some comments...

It is of course nice to reference to some work I have done but this also helps providing links to these web sites, which is useful for the search engines. Some of the web sites are also hosted and administered by me. These web sites were all designed using HTML4 and CSS2.1. As time goes by some of the original web sites have been replaced by other technologies not implemented by me anymore. Some of them are now implemented using a CMS system, which allows the customers to change the content by himself. Hence, there is no need to involde a web designer every time when the content is changing.


Some references

For completeness I have also included references, which have now been replaced with CMS systems.

Weingut Knipser, Pfalz

The first design was completed in 2002 in close cooperation with Weingut Knipser. Since the launch of the web site, we were continuously updating the content. In 2005 an English version was implemented including translation. In order to achieve good rating in the search engines, continuous work is done to optimize the the pages. Today, the most important search arguments result in ranking position 1 at Google through suitable keywords.

Druck&Media, Esslingen

On request from the company, the layout of the pages should have similarity with the company profile flyer. Because of this, the design is done using absolute positioning.


The first implementation was performed by us. The company then took over the responsibility and in the following years, the company has continuously changed the pages like e.g. the navigation. Recently the web site was replaced by a WordPress based CMS system.

Agenzia Immobiliare Airone, Asolo, Italy

We developed this site for the real eatate agent Airone in Casella d'Asolo close to Treviso in Veneto. The project also includes an administration System for the SQL database, all based on PHP and MySQL. The objects are stored in the database and the pages are dynamically created.

FEWO-BACH, Stuttgart

SearchEngine Optimization only.
This web site is relatively old and had good chances to reach a top-ten position by e.g. Google. After an extensive analysis some 25 changes were done to the content overall. Continous analysis and changes followed.


In order to promote web meetings offered by the company struktur AG I decided to try out one of the most popular CMS systems called Joomla. This site is very popular and contains information about web meetings.

SAN-IM-EX Restructuring and Interim Management

This web site was implemented to support the company SAN-IM-EX Consulting.

Wellness Nature Cosmetic Products

This site is offering a small shop for wellness cosmetic products.

Some other web sites have been taken off the Internet due to company changes.

Some Work Done

  1. Experience

    Building sites with HTML4 and CSS2.1

  2. Some experience

    Building sites with MySQL and PHP

  3. Little expereince

    Building sites with JavaScript

  4. A lot of experience

    Using Photoshop and InDesign

  5. Some experience

    Building sites with Joomla