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Collaborating and Networking

Over time I have worked with different partners and exchanged useful informaton for both parties. Some of the partners I worked with for quite some time and some others were just for special purposes and some of them I still work with. For the purpose of search engine optimization you csn also exchange links with yor partners.


Partner Information and Links

This list of partners also include partnerswhich are not necessarily associated with web design. For some time I was heavily involved in the banking area, which was very interesting.


Focus on mission-critical messaging, enterprise fax and banking telex solutions for major commercial and financial institutions. The new SWIFTNetBox solution, in combination with IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks (WBI-FN) Bridge for SWIFTNet (BSN), is a complete SWIFT solution and provides MERVA-like application functionality, which facilitates a step-by-step retirement of MERVA over time., Stuttgart

englishtalk is a full-service marketing communications agency based in Stuttgart, South west Germany, specialized in using the native English language for marketing.

Spreed Web Meetings (struktur AG)), Stuttgart or - Online-Meetings, Video Conferences, Collaboration, Online Consulting, eLearning etc.


The concept for CHINATRACK INVESTMENT & INCUBATORS has grown from a decade's experience of doing business in China.

big-easy Marketing Material, Esslingen

big-easy if offering 'flying' marketing material, i.e. adding marketing messages on small paper aircrafts.

Some other web sites have been taken off the Internet due to company changes.


  1. Working together

    Creating new ideas

  2. Cross work in other areas

    And collect new inspiration

  3. Exchange information

    With your partner

  4. Assist your partner

    The reason I built the site

  5. Use social networking

    To interact with your partner