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Welcome to the new Website!


Since the design of he old Web Site based on HTML4 and CSS2.1 a lot have changed with the new Web technologies.

Being used to doing Web Design using exact layout boxes and content now applying resp. Web Design content based on grid design, HTML5, CSS3, etc. means a change in thinking of doing the design since there is nothing absolut anymore but it's 'all relative.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design seems very trendy especially for small to medium size Web Sites. The advantage is that by designing it this way the Web Site can be seen on most units like Desk Top, Tablets and Smartphones without the need for designing various Web Sites for the different units. One problem with this is that you will actually need many different devices to test on. I have started with a couple of Smartphoones, a tablet, a laptop, a netbook and Desktop PCs.

If you are interested in this topic I suggest you read a book called 'Responsive Web Design' written by Ethan Marcotte. It is a great introduction to this topic. 'CSS3 for Web Designers' is a nice complementary book written by Dan Cederholm.

Book Design

In addition to Web Design I am also providing Book Design based on Adobe InDesign (Creative Suite). You provide the text in .doc or .odt format and pictures (optional) and I will provide the books in print or eBook format. If you want the books printed in smaller or larger quantities I could also take care of this. Pre-view would be provided as .pdf or hardcopy.
If you are interested please let me know.


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